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TECES privacy protection statement

Assumption on introduction to "TECES privacy protection statement" and consent for data collection
It shall be considered that all visitors to the TECES information web portals (IPT) know the "TECES privacy protection statement" content and accept this statement!

Registered users shall authorise TECES to keep their personal data provided under the course of the registration procedure aiming at obtaining the status of a registered web pages user, in its database on personal data of users registered in the TECES web pages, and to use it exclusively for the purposes and in the manner determined by the "TECES privacy protection statement".

The web portals under TECES include also the portal of SIHFC, the Slovenian Hydrogen and Fuell Cell Technology Platform, which is held and co-ordinated by TECES; consequently, this statement shall apply also for this portal.

Data collected through the TECES and SIHFC Information Portals
Through the TECES information web portals, there shall be the following data collected:
  • For Registered Users
    Data voluntarily provided by an individual wishing to obtain the status of the web page registered user (user name, user password, name and family name, electronic address, optionally also data on employment and the contact phone).
  • For Registered and Other Users
    Data on the domains they come from and the browsers they use; data on the IP protocol, other data enabling statistical processing of the web page visits and individual documents by days.

Purpose of data collection
The data voluntarily provided by an individual under the process aiming at acquisition of the status of the TECES information portal registered user shall be collected with a purpose of accessing the closed part of the information portal comprising the documents not accessible for a broader public.
Namely, browsing through specific contents in the TECES and SIHFC information web portals shall be available only for specific groups of registered users, whereby establishment of the user's rights to access individual contents shall be based on the user name obtained. Other data shall be collected for statistical purposes.

Data protection statement
In accordance with its policy on the protection of important information, TECES shall expressly undertake to carefully protect all data acquired through the information web portals under its domain, to use it exclusively in accordance with the individual's consent and only for the purposes, for which such data is collected, and to do its best to prevent any abusing of this data or non-authorised access to it.

Such data shall be stored in the servers protected before external intrusions by adequate SW protection and firewalls; in addition, TECES has strict internally designed rules on access control available, which prevent non-authorised accesses, misuse or non-authorised change in data.

The TECES information portals enable also the links to other web pages, for which TECES, however, cannot guarantee or assume any responsibility for the privacy protection.
Communication of data to third persons
TECES expressly declares that the data collected in these web pages shall be intended for internal processing and use, exclusively. Without explicit written consent by the individual, to which the data refers, TECES shall not communicate the collected data to any third persons, except in the events where it shall be obliged to do so by compulsory provisions of the valid laws (e.g., upon request by the competent court).

In no case, TECES will communicate the collected data to third persons for advertising or similar commercial purposes.
Instructions on data adjustment or correction and withdrawal of consent for data collecting and processing
Registered users may change their personal and other data provided to TECES through the section ensuring adjustment of the user data settings, which likewise enable the password change.

The users wishing to withdraw their consent for the collection of personal data, and thereby cancel their status of registered users, shall do this by communicating their user names to the administrator by electronic mail to the address IPT@teces.si indicating their intention to cancel their status of the web page registered user.
Data storing period
The data shall be stored only for a period necessary to achieve the purpose, for which it is collected and processed.

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