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TECES Membership in Figures, June 2016

30. junij 2016, Maribor, Slovenia, source TECES

TECES has expanded its business model with the cluster organizational membership and the introduction of the membership packages in 2015. By connecting partners in the field of efficient energy conversion and energy-efficient systems we have primarily supported the content preparation of the Slovenian Smart Specialization Strategy.

Therefore in 2016, we have started to strengthen the activities to accelerate the cooperation of members, based on the identified needs and wants of TECES members. We want to create framework conditions for participation of large, medium, small and micro enterprises and research organizations. What also remains the main objective of the planned activities for TECES in 2016.

TECES Membership on 17.06.2016
•    9 founders (7 companies and 2 Faculties)
•    21 members, of which 15 companies and 6 research organizations.

The total number of employees in all TECES members’ entities is 23.911. TECES has included companies, which represent an extremely powerful export-oriented companies, together they create a 2839 million € in revenue, of which foreign markets share is 2486 million €, representing 87.5% of the revenues generated in foreign markets.

Research organizations, institutes and faculties with their cutting-edge research, directing the skills in the training of new personnel as well in the applied research in support of businesses is crucial for the rise of newly developed innovative products.

Therefore we are proud that, in June 2016 TECES gained members from the most important Slovenian research organizations and their organizational sub-units, which are crucial for the strategic priority areas of development partnership TECES (here) and have previously participated in the forming of the guidelines for Smart specialization strategy in Slovenia, as well as the very TECES.
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