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TECES becomes the holder of Strategic Research Innovation Partnership on Smart Buildings and Home with Wood Chain as National Innovation Measure of Slovenian Smart Specialization Strategy

25. januar 2017, Maribor, Slovenija, source TECES

After several stakeholder coordination years, has TECES as the applicant, together with 71 partners been selected as holder of Strategic Research Innovation Partnership (SRIP) in the field of smart building and home with wood chain (SRIP PSiDL). With this TECES holds a prominent role of National innovation measure holder (SRIP) in line with Slovenian Smart Specialization Strategy (S4) the "SMART BUILDINGS AND HOME WITH WOOD CHAIN.

The partnership was successful on the priority area of application (S4) the "SMART BUILDINGS AND HOME WITH WOOD CHAIN". Where on the basis of interest, key holders and major partners in the field of construction, wood and wood chain, devices and smart systems, building management and ICT established a successful initiative with a unified common vision.

The SRIP PSIDL domain includes following focus areas:
  • Advanced residential units
  • Smart built environment with intelligent building management system
  • Smart devices and systems
  • Advanced building materials and products, including wood and wood composites

Partnership of SRIP PSIDL is pursuing the idea, that the change in the very building paradigm approach is needed. Instead of individual installations, buildings, systems, etc., the development, promotion and high-quality and advanced interior environment should be incouraged. Thus, it is possible to sell individual segments, as well as greater story, inclusion of these elements (devices and systems, buildings, building components) in a comprehensive export product. In the final phase, it aims to develop "a comprehensive Slovenian building with an ideal indoor environment." This choice means an implicit use of healthy materials, use of environmentally friendly technologies and materials, the use of intelligent ICT solutions and building automation to the highest possible extent, intuitive and automatic building management, taking into account the factors such as an aging population and rapidly changing technologies.

Key holders (71 partners) representing the current holders and partners a variety of initiatives, R&D and  investment projects, associations such as:
  • holders and partners in existing Centers of competence CC SURE – TECES, CC TIGR, CC TVP, development centers, centers of excellence (CoE InnoRenew) and clusters (Wood Industry Cluster)
  • promoters of initiatives to open the call invitation for identifying promising areas of technology and product direction Slovenian Smart Specialization Strategy (S4) in May 2015
  • holders and partners of approved projects TIGR4smart with the holder TRIMO d.d. and project IQ HOME with the holder Gorenje d.d. the framework of RDI project of May 2016.

Members SRIP PSIDL are merging and implementing joint activities in SRIP PSIDL to improve their business opportunities and enhancing the transfer of knowledge, experience and technology innovation to strengthen global competitiveness, improving added value, employability and quality jobs.
Investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia from the EU and the  European Regional Development Fund.
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